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About The Author

Karen Weinstock

Karen Weinstock is a top entrepreneurial lawyer. Born in Israel, she served in an elite military unit for two years, then went on to study at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, ranked in the top 100 universities in the world alongside Harvard, Yale, and Cambridge. After receiving numerous prestigious job offers at graduation, Karen declined them all—she wanted something more. With no clear roadmap, she immigrated to the United States with two suitcases and a dream. She worked for various law firms but decided she was better suited for entrepreneurship.

Since then, Karen has founded one of the top immigration law firms in the southern United States. Through hard work, grit, and a phenomenal team, her firm has helped thousands of people find their own American dream. Karen built her multi-million-dollar business—a feat fewer than 1% of women achieve—by mastering sales, marketing, and building relationships and systems. They were skills she would ultimately need in a much greater challenge: finding a lasting and meaningful relationship.

Karen was fulfilled by her career and her role as a mother to an amazing daughter but was unhappy as a wife. She recognized she wanted much more than her partner gave her, and inevitably, resentment grew. Still, Karen believed in marriage, perseverance, and hard work, and she invested many years into working on her relationship, including marriage counseling and reading dozens of relationship books. Ultimately, the truth was undeniable: she and her partner were hopelessly incompatible, and her fourteen-year marriage ended in divorce.

Thus began Karen’s journey to find love again—a deeply personal search for a meaningful relationship with a romantic and compatible match. To her dismay, Karen found dating online to be a minefield of inauthenticity and disappointment. Surprisingly, the state of dating advice seemed even more lacking. Wanting to get the most out of dating and waste less time, effort, and energy on unsuitable partners, she turned to her own skills and background. Combining psychology, the tools and systems she learned growing her business, and the insights of many years of marriage counseling, Karen developed her own unique and easy-to-use system to attract perfect matches.

One of Karen’s life missions is to make a difference in the world. Her motivation is to empower both women and men to explore, make good choices, and find meaningful, fulfilling long-term relationships.